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How to change the meaning of a band name forever

So here’s how it went down. I brought up a song by the doyouinverts in a forum discussion over at MeFight Club. The band name in question is a reference to the common option in games to invert the y-axis when it comes to camera controls, meaning that if you move “down” on that camera control the camera will look “up.” For some people that’s more natural, but it’s all Dvorak to me.

Anyway! Another member at MeFight responded to the “the doyouinverts” with:

Uh, son, we don’t hold with Proust ’round here.

Having no idea what he was blathering about, I asked what he meant. Here is where it all changed forever:

Proust self-identified as an “invert” and thought straight people were abnormal. I thought you were making an obscure literary reference!

Oh no, doyouinvert isn’t a literary reference! Oh no no no not at all.

Still, this now makes the band name into a pleasingly vague sexual reference. And this one has psychological depth! Thanks Proust. I mean, ‘the doyouinverts’ was sort of sexual before (money lyric: “When was the last time/ you let me invert my stick?”). Now though, oh boy.

So yea, I guess I now have a new private meme. Just to let you know, if I’m asking you if you invert it means that I want to know if you are sexually attracted to those of the same gender (“don’t care if you’re bi or gay/ just that you invert, hay hay hay”). Also, if I start laughing when I notice that you invert your controls you now know why.

Oh! And if you want to know, the song I was referencing was 7 out of 10. Someone was rating comments on a ten point scale and mentioned that he graded “AHRD.” True to his word, no one has got a score above a 7.23 yet.