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Don’t tell people how to run their personal sites for them

I know that this is the internet and the rules of etiquette haven’t been set in stone yet, but if you are going to follow any code on the internet please make sure that you don’t call people out for over-posting on personal pages. No one is making you read what they post, and on systems like Twitter and Facebook there are easy ways to avoid their activity. Since what they are saying is not directed at you, unlike the direct messages that make up Facebook spam and other things worth getting mad over, you can’t say that they are really wasting your time. In the same vein, what they are doing is not on a shared space like a blog or a forum so there is no harm to a collective space being done.

It’s only acceptable at all to bring it up this kind of posting if it’s such a problem that you stop reading what they do, and even then only in the most polite tone possible. There is probably room for improvement in one’s posting habits if their content pushes people away, but that is such a small sin that making any kind of fuss about it only serves to make you look like a jerk.

As you might expect, there is something that happened recently that sparked this post. I’m not going to say much about it, but suffice it to say that the people complaining about it were doubly pathetic because the posts they were so worked up about were only 140 characters long.