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Just to make sure you know that I’m cooler than all of you

Literally the day after I end a post on my shitty blog by killing myself and having Keyboard Cat play me off that meme by having Keyboard Cat play me off it shows up in a hugely popular post on Metafilter. I could have been cool like that! I could have got, what, 123 comments and 68 fucking favorites. I could have made a meme jump to our good friend Waxy (who got it from some guy’s Del.ic.ious and it was tagged via:metafilter), the kind of guy who could take it places. Jesus.

I thought it wasn’t good enough for Metafilter! I thought it was really really obscure and just a continuation of many other memes. Hell, one of the videos is just the kid zombie who says “I like turtles” all over again. I guess I was wrong.

And man, this wasn’t the first time. I watched the following video of dogs dressed as people ages ago and thought it was the bees knees.

I post it to the MeFight Club forum and guess where it ends up the next day? And from a guy who I don’t think is a member of MeFight Club.

I have the worst of luck with these things, but at least time there is proof, proof I say that I’m cooler than all of y’all.