My own private memes

Memes: sometimes you make them up. Sometimes you make them up and only you understand what the hell you are talking about. In that case they aren’t technically memes, but whatever. When this happens to me I’ll post what they are and a little explanation of them on this here blog, but for now here’s three of them.

Too many x! SO MANY X! And they all died from y.

Like the ones generated by AUTO-MEME this meme can be whatever you want it to be, yet it only really makes sense when talking about Naruto. I stole the basic idea from Nedroid’s Super Fan-fic Comics, this one to be specific:


Yea, my meme is not the same but mine is more fun to moan randomly. Soooooo many Narutos!

Even though it’s Naruto based, it also can be used in other ways. For example, TF2 classes:

Too many medics! SO MANY MEDICS! And they all died from playing as an attacking class when they are a support class.

Too many engies! SO MANY ENGIES! And they all died from not spy checking.

Too many spys! SO MANY SPYS! And they all died from too many pyros.

Believe me, those all could be funny in the proper context.

[an in-your-face adjective!][something relating to motocross!]

There is an old NES game called Excitebike. Out of nowhere I started using the term awesomecross, and I assume it comes from that name. See also coolwheels and radicalbar.

“Don’t you ever wish you could rewind time?” “What, like in that game Braid” “I think you mean Prince of Persia.”

I have no idea why this exchange from the Idle Thumbs podcast made me so happy when I first heard it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that if someone didn’t know that Braid was the game where you can rewind time it would kind of annoy me, like the The Kids In The Hall sketch about Citizen Kane.


This meme also implies that Braid (The First Game That’s Artâ„¢) is little more than a trite meditation on what it would be like to rewind time. That’s funny in and of itself even though I think Braid is fantastic. Look, I like it so much I’m linking to where you can buy it.

Anyway, Idle Thumbs is a great repository for awesomecross memes that no one but you will get, like Old Man Clancy’s Hawx, The Wizard and quotes (now on twitter for your connivence). The moral of the story? Listen to Idle Thumbs!