Info Dump

I need to make a page or the blog’s theme screws up, so here it is. Basically, you should do what the sidebar says and read this first. If you need more information on specific stuff it’s below.

Why The Devil Tesla?

I got the idea for the name from the excellent webcomic Wigu. In one story line the family goes to a carnival that is run by the “Bucklecore,” which are basically the Amish but hip. After this is explained by an iPod wearing teenager at the carnival’s Hot Topic stand these two panels happened.


I’ve been using The Devil Tesla as a screen name and that poor little dog as an icon ever since.

What’s that in the header?

I put a screen up there from the most recent game I played and really enjoyed, and it’ll change as once I play another game I enjoy. Currently it’s Zeno Clash, which is Chilian and awesome and you should play it.

More coming


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